Top 10 beauty trends from fashion month

According to the latest Fashion Month report by Trendalytics, pared-back beauty has made its way on, and soon to be off, the runway.

Fashion Weeks around the world focused on glossy, healthy skin and hair, as well as viral nail art.

"In terms of the practicality of looks, a lot of that was purely from a logistics perspective: you can’t have people near each other for extended periods of time backstage," said Trendalytics chief executive officer, Cece Lee. 

"Also, too extreme looks can feel a little tone-deaf right now. In a normal environment, it’s totally fine. But in the midst of this year, it’s maybe not OK to be like, ‘look at my unicorn makeup.’ Especially with women leaving the workforce in droves."

The top 10 beauty trends have been ranked by percentage growth in search volume, depicting exactly what resonated:

1. Evil eye nails: +99 percent

2. Glossy lips: +64 percent

3. Middle part: +33 percent

4. Glowing skin: +22 percent

5. Bangs: +17 percent

6. Bold black eyeliner: +9 percent

7. Rhinestone nail accents: +7 percent

8. Wet look: -2 percent

9. Braided styles: -6 percent

10. Red lipstick: -8 percent

Image source:; @amyle.nails; and getty.