Frequently asked questions

If you have any questions not answered here, please contact BEAUTYDIRECTORY.


BEAUTYDIRECTORY is an online database of beauty brands and products available in Australia and New Zealand. It features product information, supplier and public relations contact details. It also provides downloadable press releases, hi-resolution images, direct email and website links and general beauty news and reviews.  BEAUTYDIRECTORY also incorporates a database of all media in Australia and New Zealand that write about beauty brands and products and the beauty industry.  

BEAUTYDIRECTORY was founded in 1999 and is the go-to comprehensive resource used by all journalists and content producers researching beauty and health.

Why do I have to register before entering the site?

The registration page allows us to gather important information about users of the site. BEAUTYDIRECTORY relies on the support of beauty companies who are interested to know about site usage. We always endeavour to ensure sensitive information and the privacy of individuals is protected. For more information on our privacy policy please click on the link located at the home page.

How can I search the site for specific information?

There are three ways to search the site:

  1. Category search - This search mechanism is useful for people looking for information on a range of products in a particular category such as ‘Hair’ or ‘Skincare’. By clicking on Brands a drop down menu will offer the option to search by product category. Once a  product category has been chosen, the user will then be shown all of the brands that are located under that particular category.

  2. Brand search - This search is useful if the user knows specifically the brand they would like more information on. By clicking on Brands a drop down menu will offer the option to search A-Z All Brands.  Once a Brand has been selected, the list of products with images and full contact details will be displayed.  Alternatively, simply type in a brand name in the search bar and the search facility will locate all the specific information associated with the selected brand.

  3. Keyword search - By typing in a keyword such as ‘lavender’ in the search bar, the word search facility will search through the entire site and reveal every entry that mentions the keyword eg. ‘lavender’.

How can I get my brand listed on the site?

Simply contact us at BEAUTYDIRECTORY on (02) 8114 9417 or email alicia@beautydirectory.com.au.

A typical listing is valid for 12 months and includes:

  1. Brand name/logo

  2. Editor’s summary of brands key features and benefits including words to facilitate the best possible search results

  3. Full category range listing and other relevant category links

  4. Product listings across all relevant product categories including downloadable hi-res images, pack size and retail price information

  5. Downloadable press releases

  6. PR and company contact information

  7. Retail availability

  8. Email and website links

  9. Full, searchable archive of all content and images featured on BEAUTYDIRECTORY

What if my category is not listed?

BEAUTYDIRECTORY has been concepted and created with media guidance to include all categories relevant to beauty and health. If you are interested in listing but can't see a category your brand/products would fit into, please let us know.

How can I give feedback on the site?

We'd love to hear your opinions on our site, please email all feedback to georgie@beautydirectory.com.au.