The beauty brand that reached 1 billion views on TikTok in 3 days

The latest campaign from e.l.f Cosmetics has gone viral on TikTok, reaching over one billion views in just three days.

The #elfMagicAct challenge was inspired by a popular transformation trend on the app, where users edit videos to create a quick-change makeup look.

Consumers were asked to share their best digital transformations using the Poreless Putty Primer to the brand's original song 'Magic Act' by M. Maggie.

This isn't the first time the affordable makeup brand has gone viral, also reaching over one billion views on its #eyeslipsface campaign, which promoted healthy hand washing and greeting techniques at the beginning of COVID-19. The tag has now been viewed six billion times.

e.l.f. Cosmetics chief marketing officer, Kory Marchisotto, said that the brand has "always been a digital disrupter".

"That renegade spirit and quest for new frontiers is in our roots, and with TikTok, we are proud to develop innovative content and a form of (s)e.l.f. expression that our audience loves."