How to achieve the ultimate beauty sleep

It’s common knowledge that most of us don’t get enough sleep. What most people don’t realise is that the hours we spend asleep are actually among our most constructive: certain areas of your brain work their hardest during sleep, and skin is best able to repair and regenerate itself at night.

As the hours we spend asleep are actually among our most constructive, Dermalogica put together the below which outlines how crucial sleep is to both skin and overall health. 

To help give your skin the best beauty sleep it can get, BD has rounded up all the night-time goodness you'll ever need. Your skin can thank us later.

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Dermalogica Sound Sleep Cocoon™

This revitalising treatment gel-cream works with the skin’s natural overnight repair and recovery process to optimise the skin benefits of the sleep. It also helps to infuse skin with essential hydration that’s lost throughout the day. Sound Sleep Cocoon™ is formulated with motion-activated essential oils to soothe senses with aromatherapy and promote deep, restful sleep for healthier-looking skin. 

The Body Shop French Lavender Pillow Mist

If, like the rest of us, you are struggling to get a good night’s sleep, a calming bedtime routine could be just the tonic you need. The new French Lavender Pillow Mist is infused with lavender essential oil, known for is relaxation powers in France. Simply spritz on your pillow, close your eyes and breathe in.

Olay Regenerist Retionol24 Serum

This non-greasy serum quickly absorbs into the skin to deliver visible improvements in fine lines and wrinkles, smoothness, brightness, firming, dark spots and pores with no irritation. Formulated without additional fillers, dyes, phthalates, sulphates or fragrances, the serum is part of the new Olay Regenerist Retionol24 collection and delivers a plump and dewy complexion. It does this through Olay’s proprietary Retinol24 Retinoid Complex, and a bio-available formula combining pure retinol, retinyl propionate, niacinamide (vitamin B3), and amino peptides.

Avène Hydrance Hydrating Sleeping Mask

A new addition from Avène, this sleeping mask moisturises, soothes and detoxifies dehydrated skin. Its innovative complex provides intense 24-hour long-lasting hydration and restores the skin's natural hydration barrier while sleeping for fresh and rejuvenating skin in the morning.

Natio Rosewater Moisture Gel Sleeping Mask

Natio Rosewater Moisture Gel Sleeping Mask is formulated with soothing rosewater, hydrating hyaluronate and antioxidant calendula. It deeply moisturise and soothe skin while during sleep.

LUSH Sleepy Bubble Bar

LUSH Sleepy Bubble Bar is a soothing, dream-inducing bubble bar. Breathe deep and sink into a warm bath, relaxing in a soothing lavender, tonka and ylang ylang cloud.

Swisse Ultiboost Sleep

This supplement from Swisse helps to relieve nervous tension and promotes natural, restful sleep. It is formulated with valerian and magnesium. Take one or two tablets, half an hour to one hour before bed, or as directed by your healthcare professional. 

NIVEA Q10 POWER Anti-Wrinkle + Firming Night Cream

NIVEA Q10 POWER Anti-Wrinkle + Firming Night Cream is formulated with 100 per cent skin identical Q10 adn creatine for firmer skin in two weeks. It helps to boost the skin’s own anti-age defence and visibly reduces wrinkles.

Mavala Switzerland MAVALA SWISS SKIN SOLUTION SKIN VITALITY Sleeping Mask “Baby Skin” Radiance

This sleeping mask from Mavala Switzerland gently eliminates dead skin cells and encourages cell renewal for velvety skin and a radiant complexion. It is formulated with swiss apricot oil, vitamins, micro-encapsulated glycolic acid (AHA) and salicylic acid (BHA). Can also be used as a rinse-off mask for an instant glow. Paraben free.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Sleeping Mask

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Sleeping Mask is formulated with hyaluronic acid that works to deeply moisturise skin during sleep, leaving it optimally hydrated.

Alpha-H Beauty Sleep Power Peel

Alpha-H Beauty Sleep Power Peel is a dynamic dual-purpose resurfacing treatment and anti-ageing skin restorative which boosts collagen and stimulates cellular renewal while helping to reduce sun-induced ageing, post-blemish scarring and wrinkles. Key ingredients: Glycolic acid, retinol, chronodyn, hydranov-P and axolight.

La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Sleep Mask Premier

La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Sleep Mask Premier brushes on smoothly, melting instantly into the skin where it works its lifting and firming magic overnight. A blend of botanical extracts and active ingredients nourishes, improves texture and helps skin's natural purification process. The skin undergoes a total transformation while you sleep, benefiting from outstanding lifting and firming.

innisfree Jeju Pomegranate Revitalizing Sleeping Pack

This sleeping mask from innisfree provides special treatment while sleeping. It is formulated with jeju pomegranate juice, seed oil and other active ingredients in a capsule-form for multiple benefits.

endota Organics™ nurture - Calming Sleep Mist

endota Organics™ nurture - Calming Sleep Mist is a delicate room mist infused with calming lavender essential oil to help encourage a positive bedtime routine and a peaceful, deep sleep.

FRESH Rose Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask

FRESH Rose Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask is a two-step mask treatment that instantly drenches skin with moisture and locks it in overnight. Apply the amber-coloured cooling gel essence to drench skin with calming rosewater. Follow with the silky water-cream mask that is powered by time-release technology to form a moisturising veil, and evening primrose extract to lock hydration in and keep it there.

Laneige Eye Sleeping Mask

Laneige Eye Sleeping Mask is a leave-on eye mask that deeply hydrates throughout the night, while depuffing and soothing fatigued eyes with a cooling ceramic massage tool for a brighter appearance. Sleep-Circular™, vitamin P and enzymes help brighten and depuff around the eyes. It is also formulated with Eye Moisture Wrap, an eye care technology that forms a breathable moisture-rich beta-glucan layer over skin, while helping to retain ideal moisture levels through the night.

Sisley Paris Velvet Sleeping Mask

Sisley’s first repairing sleeping mask helps comfort dry skin, leaving it ultra-smoothed. Applied over night, upon awakening the skin is relaxed and perfectly recovered. It is stronger, nourished, revitalised, velvety and ready to face the day. Night after night, the skin’s barrier function is restored, thus strengthening its resistance.

Raww Super Hydrate-ME Night Cream

Raww Super Hydrate-ME Night Cream is a super-nourishing night cream. Decadent and rich in texture, it creates a protective barrier on the skin and then works to care and repair while sleeping. Use to lock-in superfood serums and oils.