Sukin tackles the Great Barrier Reef

Sukin is helping tackle one of Australia’s biggest environmental challenges – protecting the Great Barrier Reef and its marine life from harm.

The brand has partenered with Greening Australia on their Reef Aid Program to help improve the water quality of Great Barrier Reef, the greatest local threat to the future of the reef after climate change.

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Each year, millions of tonnes of fine sediment, containing pesticides and other chemicals, flow from eroding inland areas surrounding the reef into the sea – choking fish, creating harmful algae blooms and feeding crown-of-thorns starfish, which in turn radically alters the structure of the Great Barrier Reef.

With the reef’s future at risk, this partnership will help stop sediment at its source and significantly improve water quality. Reef Aid also provides much-need support to the Australian Hawksbill Turtle, a species that plays an important role in maintaining the health of Great Barrier Reef.

Sukin are currently working with local landholders and communities across the Great Barrier Reef Catchment to rebuild eroding land and restore coastal wetlands.

The program is expected to improve water quality on the reef by more than 80 per cent, and to restore 3000 hectares of rivers and wetlands by 2030.