Murad launches inclusive skincare campaign

Murad has launched its newest campaign for its Retinol Youth Renewal Trio with the theme “Retinol for All”. The campaign highlights inclusivity by making the product accessible to all consumers regardless of gender, race or ethnicity. It also features the brand’s first male model and high-fashion transgender model Teddy Quinlivan.

The star of the show, Retinol Youth Renewal Trio is a combination of Murad’s unique Retinol Tri-Active Technology that helps deliver instantly visible results while being gentle on the skin. The line includes a face serum, eye serum and night cream.

"The brand has been going through an evolution in social and digital over the past few years, but we haven't yet been able to bring this newly evolved brand to men and all those who may not have been engaged with Murad previously," said Ginny Chien, vice president of Consumer Engagement at Murad.

Chien shared that the rise in market demand for men’s skincare and wellness as well as retinol being a universal ingredient, helped create an opportunity for the brand to reach new audiences.

Alongside the campaign, a taco truck pop-up event was also held by the brand in Los Angeles last Saturday, January 11. In efforts to further reinforce the "Retinol for All" theme, invitations have been sent out to beauty editor's or influencer's significant others including their boyfriend, husband, girlfriend, wife and the like.