Lush celebrates 30 years of the bath bomb

Nobody does bath bombs like LUSH… in fact the fresh cosmetics brand pioneered the concept way back in 1989.

Now, to celebrate 30 years of the bath bomb, Lush is launching 40+ bath bombs – some brand new formulas and others old favourites.

In her garden shed at home, Lush co-founder and product inventor Mo Constantine created what we know as bath bombs today – a product that softened water and brought essential oils and fresh ingredients to the bath in a whole new way.

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Mo and her son Jack have since invented countless creative bath bombs – from the humble Butterball to the colourful The Experimenter, and more recently the innovative Jelly Bomb.

Bath bombs even have their own store in Tokyo – the world’s first digital bath bomb concept shop. Through the #LushLabs app, customers hold their smartphone up to a bath bomb of their choice, where they are able to watch the product in action and read more about its scent and the ingredients.

Bath bombs today are a form of artistic expression, where using 3D printing technology, all types of colour, lustre and popping candy are possible.

Not only are they amazing to look at in the tub, but bath bombs offer an abundance of skin benefits – not to mention the aromas that promote calm and wellbeing.

Lush shops worldwide will be stocking a selection of the new bath bombs depending on size of the store. The largest shop, in Liverpool, will stock the full bath bomb range.

The new bath bombs are available online and in-store now. Download the collection on BD now - here are our top picks: ChocomintHulderMarshmallow WorldTadaima OkaeriThe ComforterYuzu and Cocoa.