Pinterest partners with popular shopping app

As more people than ever turn to Pinterest to help find inspiration for furnishing their at-home offices, supporting small businesses, homeschooling and more, there’s never been a greater opportunity for retailers to put their products in front of Pinners.

Which is why Pinterest has announced a partnership with multinational e-commerce company, Shopify, through a new app which gives its more than one million merchants a quick way to upload catalogues to Pinterest and turn products into shoppable Product Pins.

According to Pinterest, the Pinterest app on Shopify now includes a suite of shopping features such as tag installation, catalogue ingestion, automatic daily updating of products, and an ads buying interface. For Shopify merchants, this means easy set up and access to distribution across Pinterest with or without ads, as well as reporting and results tracking to maximise reach. 

The app also automatically creates a connection between the individual store and Pinterest, so the merchant doesn’t need to edit code or add development resources, making it seamless for businesses of all sizes.

Once installed, the app will allow a merchant to deploy a tag on their website, upload the product catalogue and quickly publish in-stock Product Pins. Businesses will also see a shop tab appear on their profile as an additional way for their products to be discovered.

"With the new Pinterest app on Shopify, in just a few clicks, retailers can take the products on their virtual store shelves to the recommendations Pinners see as they shop," Pinterest SVP of technology, Jeremy King, said. "Merchants are adapting to new realities and looking ahead to the future of retail, which is why we're focused on making both our ads and organic features available and impactful to businesses of all sizes.”

Shopify merchants in the US and Canada can install the tag starting today, and the integration will be available to merchants globally in the coming weeks.

In addition to the partnership with Shopify, Pinterest has also recently launched new features on its boards, which help to make planning for recipes, (virtual) events, and future life moments easier and more automated. The board improvements include: board notes, add a date, automatic grouping of Pins into sections, and section templates.