Bauer Media launches new title

It’s the latest offering from Bauer Media, and hot off the press. Syrup, a unisex Gen-Z focused website for those 16 to 22, is dishing up everything from fashion, beauty, culture, politics, finance and education, served with its signature "Syrup drizzle."

BD sat down with Syrup editor, Mahalia Chang, to chat about the exciting new launch, what readers can expect and the meaning behind the site's quirky name.

Congratulations on the launch of Syrup! How did this business idea come about?
Thank you so much! Syrup has been building in the background for a while, so it’s been very exciting (and terrifying) to see it go live. As for the idea, Bauer announced its intention to do something in the Gen Z space early last year, and I was honoured to be asked to come on board as project head around that same time. I was lucky enough to put together a 14-person steering committee from throughout the business of young creatives, and we created the brand from the ground up over the course of five months. The rest they say… Actually, I’m not going to say it.

What can people expect to see on the site and social channels?
People can expect informative, uplifting and inspirational content in everything from fashion and beauty, culture and politics, finance and education, for a young, politically-active and tapped-in audience. All served up with our signature Syrup drizzle, which we lovingly describe as ‘enough Gen Z slang and memes to make you laugh so you forget you’re learning stuff.’

What's the story behind the name Syrup?
When the steering committee was deciding the name, we weren’t too concerned about it having a deep or literal (or deep and literal) meaning. We wanted something that sounded right, looked right, felt right. We experimented with a few options of short, sharp “real word” names before we found Syrup (I think perhaps a pancake recipe was involved?) It just clicked! As soon as our art director mocked it up in the branding, we pulled the trigger. I love that it’s a little unusual and makes you stop and listen.

Can you tell us about the team and who will be working on Syrup from an editorial point of view?
Syrup’s producers, who will write across all pillars, are superstars Monisha Rudhran and Julian Rizzo-Smith. And yes, before you ask, they were vetted on their expert-level meme knowledge (comprehensive) and TikTok dance abilities (just ok). As for me, I previously worked with and as digital editor for over two years. I first joined that team in 2015, where I wrote across fashion, culture and entertainment. I started working on Syrup part-time early last year, before transitioning full-time at the start of 2020.

What does the year ahead look like for Syrup?
Building and growing! We’re excited to start getting our hands into different areas and different platforms, as well as producing engaging content around some key events in the calendar, including Mardi Gras, the Women’s March, Reconciliation Day, O-Week and more.

How can brands get in touch?
You can email me at or slide into my DMs at @mahaliachang. Whichever feels less socially crushing for you.

Follow Syrup on Instagram and check the site out here.

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