Aussie makeup artists coming together to boost morale

MAXCONNECTORS talent and celebrity makeup artist, Michael Brown and Melbourne based makeup artist, Chantelle Baker are joining forces to help boost morale for those in the industry who are losing work due to the health crisis.

"With Australia now in a non-essential shutdown and public events at a standstill, because of the current global health situation, the beauty industry - as well as many, many others - are suffering with uncertain times regarding employment," Brown said on Instagram.

So Brown and Baker want to remind artists 'why they do what they do' and share a conversational insight into beauty careers that can spark so much joy, especially for clients.

"As industry professionals, we will talk through career journeys, the highs and lows, the ever changing industry, tips on gaining a network, and of course any makeup related questions are welcome - especially on growth in this quiet time to improve skills," said Brown.

"Join us for a little beauty pick me up, we all need right now in these uncertain, current times and bring our community together for a very inclusive industry conversation."

Join the pair on Instagram Live, Tuesday March 24 at 5pm AEST.