RevitaLash celebrates record-breaking pink campaign

The New Zealand distributor of RevitaLash Cosmetics, Kiara Cosmetics, is celebrating a hugely successful year with its annual pink promotion that debuted in September, which supports the Look Good Feel Better Trust.

Last week, founder of Kiara Cosmetics, Annemarie Mason, announced that 1,700 units of RevitaLash® and RevitaBrow® had been donated, a total sell out, and 55% increase on product donated in 2018.

Founder of RevitaLash®, Dr. Michael Brinkenhoff and President of RevitaLash Cosmetics, Lori Jacobus, along with Kiara Cosmetics delivered all units in person to Look Good Feel Better, during their week in New Zealand.

Annemarie said she was proud to be able to support both men and women who have had their lashes and brows compromised during chemotherapy.  “We know having lashes and brows not only makes a visible difference but they also serve as protection – to keep dust and dirt out of our eyes. As RevitaLash Co-founder Gayle Brinkenhoff said, having your lashes and brows return to full health after navigating cancer makes you feel like you haven’t lost another part of yourself.”

While Kiara Cosmetics have sold through their Pink RevitaLash® Advanced and RevitaBrow® Advanced, the products are still available at stockists and resellers of RevitaLash®.