The most searched for #NoMakeup celebs

With the rise of #NoMakeup and #WokeUpLikeThis selfies, the social media world is seeing a steady increase in celebrities posting pictures sans makeup. And for many, it is a refreshing change.

Because according to Cosmetify, even though wearing (or not wearing) makeup is a personal choice and a great way for people to express themselves, it can also be empowering for young people to be able to relate to a celeb’s natural look.

On that note, Cosmetify has taken to Google search data to find out which stars the world wants to see share their bare features the most.

1. Ariana Grande - 252,000

2. Lady Gaga - 168,000

3. Kylie Jenner - 156,000

4. Alicia Keys - 132,000

5. Cardi B - 132,000

6. Taylor Swift - 111,600

7. Katy Perry - 104,400

8. Gwen Stefani - 99,600

9. Belle Delphine - 96,000

10. Nicki Minaj - 94,800