StriVectin welcomes iconic supermodel as global brand ambassador

Skincare brand, StriVectin, has proudly announced iconic supermodel, turned role model, Lauren Hutton as its new global brand ambassador. 

The brand, which has never before signed a celebrity face, celebrates Hutton as an age-positive inspiration and symbol of empowerment, embodying its positive Outsmart Aging™ philosophy, resulting in a multi-year brand partnership.

Known as the original supermodel and face of American fashion, Hutton has forged a boundary-breaking career that has spanned decades. Through her work, women of her generation and younger are staying visible, inspiring a modern, more inclusive standard of female beauty.

“It’s a joy to be partnering with StriVectin”, said Hutton. “They’re hip enough to show the world that we can be beautiful at all ages. The thing I’m proudest of in all my work is forcing my way at age 47 back into modelling. And this, now, this is the second proudest, doing this campaign with StriVectin.” 

StriVectin CEO, Joan Malloy said the brand has wanted to work with Hutton for quite some time. “She redefined beauty when she first popped on the scene five decades ago - and she's still doing it today.  She's showing up still, again and again, to show all women, that life doesn't end at 40."

"We’re inspired by her intelligence, resilience, authenticity and fierce determination. We see her as a real partner, with a shared passion and purpose. We’re not just interested in her face – we want her voice and opinions as well," said Malloy.