DECIEM announces bold move for Black Friday

DECIEM's Black Friday Sale, with significant discounts across its skincare lines, has previously led to many of its products to completely sell out, the brand has revealed. This year, however, DECIEM has announced it will completely shut up shop on November 29, saying it no longer feels comfortable being involved in an initiative so heavily centred around hyper-consumerism.

Instead, for the month of November, a 23% discount will be applied to every product on the DECIEM website and in its stand-alone stores. The brand believes this will allow consumers greater flexibility to shop slowly for their specific skincare needs.

In a statement released, a company representative said: "We strongly believe that skincare decisions should be based on education rather than impulse and we want to give our audience the time for research, reflection, and consideration.

"Encouraging rushed purchasing decisions is not a position that we align with. We hope that by offering a longer-term discount, we are creating a more comfortable and fair position for our audience."

As is slowly becoming the norm for skincare brands, DECIEM offers "detailed regimen building advice" in it's stores and via Live Chat on its website to aid customers in their purchasing decisions this November.