Trend alert: Micro-concealing

Name a more life-saving beauty product than concealer. As well as masking our dark circles, the right concealer formula covers pigmentation and blemishes like nobody’s business. But what’s the point of concealing if the finish looks unnatural and heavy?

Enter the latest beauty trend set to rectify cakey complexions everywhere, thanks to Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic: micro-concealing. This technique is currently making waves in the beauty world for its ability to give makeup a flawlessly blurred effect all the while using next to no product.

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You’d be forgiven for thinking minimal makeup isn’t exactly Kim K’s forte – it’s not – but it looks like micro-concealing is one more natural technique that’s actually working out for her, away from all the baking and sculpting of course.

While there's no shortage of concealer hacks, with all the buzz about this method we decided to break down what it’s all about and how you can get on board.

What is micro-concealing?

The aim of micro-concealing is to create the illusion of no product, covering each individual blemish or imperfection with a tiny pin-prick dot of concealer and none to the surrounding skin. It’s an effective way of concealing discolouration without going in with a large dab of concealer which can often sit on top of the skin and look unnatural. Micro-concealing also removes the need to cover your whole face with product and focuses only on the areas you need it.

Why should you do it? Well it gives you a fresher, more seamlessly natural face – and who wouldn’t want that?

How do you micro-conceal?

You must get your colour match down pat before trying micro-concealing, Mario Dedivanovic told Byrdie. “For this to blend correctly, colour matching is so important.”

Find a concealer shade that is exactly the same hue as your skin, or Mario suggests mix and matching shades to find the perfect colour.

With your perfect shade found, all you need now is a thin, pointy makeup brush. With the brush, gently apply the concealer to any blemishes, discolouration or imperfections with small dots. Next, blend out the product by applying very light pressure with the brush. Remember, less is more and is crucial to achieving a natural look. You can also blend out with a fluffy eye shadow brush if preferred, as makeup artist Valeria Ferreira told Allure.

Which concealers are best for micro-concealing?

Mario suggests using a concealer that offers skin benefits or glow, and it’s important the product also provides buildable coverage. As far as coverage is concerned, you can micro-conceal with sheer, medium or full-coverage product, it just depends on how much cover you need.

For micro-concealing, try these concealer formulas: CLINIQUE Beyond Perfecting Super ConcealerCOVERGIRL Invisible Cream ConcealerDB Cosmetics Master Illusion High Coverage ConcealerRevlon ColorStay™ Concealer