Study finds influencer marketing no longer resonates

If recent studies are anything to go by then the rumours are true: paid endorsements are no longer resonating with online audiences.

Speaking to The Register, business coach Sarah Pearce stresses it's imperative that brands understand social media and technology is constantly evolving. “If we want to stay relevant and connected to our target audience in 2019, it’s vital to adjust our social media strategy accordingly.”

What you need to know:

Stackla have just released a 2019 report aimed at understanding the gap between how marketers in the US, UK and Australia think their content is perceived and how it actually is.

Paid content no longer resonates - authentic, user-generated content does

  • The report revealed that over half of the respondents wanted to see user-generated content from brands they follow on social media.
  • Consumers want to see brands use more content from actual consumers. Two-thirds of those surveyed indicated willingness to grant permission for a brand to use their own content.
  • Respondents said they’d be more likely to purchase from a brand that used real, authentic content from their peers, rather than paid celebrity or influencer content.
  • Content may be in the form of pictures, videos, testimonials, tweets or blog posts

We are less influenced by celebrities

Last year, only eight percent of consumers indicated that celebrity endorsements had a high impact on their purchasing decisions – down 23 percent on the previous year.

Tribes over likes

Consumers value a sense of belonging when shopping for brands. More than ever, they’re looking for brands that align with their values and personality. Brands can foster a community-like tribe by using dialogue and imagery in line with their target audience’s identity. When done effectively, brands can attract and nurture fiercely loyal customers.

Now social media is no longer the new ‘it’ thing, it’s important to start considering your approach as opposed to just ‘ticking the social media box’. While it’s ever-evolving, one trend remains constant: people want to see realness. They want to feel valued and not insulted and they most importantly, want to talk about issues that matter to them. A static social media strategy year on year will not only waste time and budget but risk driving away followers, leading to low customer retention.