Grin toothpastes now certified palm oil free

While it’s true that you won’t see ‘palm oil’ listed on your favourite toothpaste’s ingredients label, it’s usually disguised under the form of glycerine, SLS and more. What’s more, due to the unethical practices of harvesting the oil, it’s become the leading cause of rainforest destruction and Orangutan habitat loss in places like Malaysia and Indonesia.

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This is why Kiwi-owned oral care brand, Grin, is empowering consumers to put their purchasing power to good use with the launch of its certified palm oil-free range of toothpastes.

The range recently received the Orangutan Alliance’s seal of approval, after having met industry-leading standards. 

 “The impact of mass-produced palm oil is now widely understood and is completely unsustainable,” began Paul Stokes, marketing manager at Grin. “Providing customers with natural and environmentally friendly products that not only keep their mouths in great health, but are sustainable on our planet is at the heart of what we do.”

To learn more about Grin and its range of natural toothpaste and biodegradable oral care essentials, visit their brand listing on BD.