BD chats to Bangn Body founder on brand's mega success

It's the yellow tube you've seen all over your Instagram feed - Bangn Body has well and truly skyrocketed to cult status.

With fans such as beauty journalist, Gemma Watts, and uber-chic influencers, Lisa Danielle Smith, Emily Yates and Olive Cooke, if this body care brand isn't on your wishlist - add it, stat.

The range started out with its, now lorded, Firming Lotion, and has expanded with Smooth Skin Scrub, Lip & Eye Beauty Balm and most recently welcomed the highly anticipated, Illuminating Firming Lotion.

If this isn't enough to like, the brand is also pulling up in support of diversity in the Australian beauty industry, pledging to a minimum of one in every four social posts to feature BIPOC.

BD spoke with founder, Priscilla Hajiantoni, about Bangn Body's mega success (less than two years in business, we may add), working with dream stockist MECCA, and who her ultimate celebrity customer would be. 

Congratulations on the success of Bangn Body! Can you tell us a bit about the brand and how you started?

Thank you! It has been a wild ride to get here! As I was growing up I spent many hours at my mum and aunty's beauty and hair salons. I always knew that their hard work and creativity was something I aspired to. I was lucky enough to learn the ethos of hard work and business from them and paired that with my love for beauty and skincare.

I studied an Associate Degree in Business at RMIT and a Diploma in Project Management, Human Resource Management and Social Media Marketing. I spent a lot of time observing, learning and researching in order to curate the brand and its ethos, it took over 2 years to conceptualise what Bangn Body is.

I wanted to ensure I was filling a gap in the market and making sure that the product was effective, affordable and efficient. These ideologies are what sets Bangn Body apart today, in a saturated beauty industry. 

You've just launched the new, and already highly successful, Illuminating Firming Lotion (hello waitlist of 50,000 before release!) - how long was the product in development for and what was the trickiest part to get just right?

Our new Illuminating Firming Lotion has been in development for close to a year! We wanted to take our signature Firming Lotion formula and enhance its benefits and glow!

This was a challenging task as we needed to ensure our pigment was perfect! This was an 8 month process to source our beautiful sapphire vintage gold pigment made from a luxe biodegradable mica - encrusted from the sapphire crystal.

Then we had to ensure the pigments were delicate and fine enough to speak evenly and seamlessly with our creamy formula. We are so thrilled with the end result and so happy so many of our customers are loving it! 

What made you decide to enhance the already successful Firming Lotion?

Our yellow tube of goodness became a cult product with a cult following and I just knew that the magic didn't stop there.

The original firming lotion is the magic that can be used in 7 different ways. The Illuminating Lotion is also multi purposeful, working as an all over glow lotion, from a cheek highlighter, collarbone enhancer or a makeup primer. It adds a beautiful golden glow to our signature formula that is also a very hydrating and nourishing.

We have seen a huge rise in sunless tanning and illuminating products such as highlighters, so the Illuminating Firming Lotion was a natural progression into this sector of 'glowiness' while still being true to our ethos and being a skincare product. 

You've mentioned that MECCA was your dream stockist, and on the day of launching into the retailer you sold out, how does that feel?

It was such a thrill to even be in discussion with MECCA about launching our products onto their site. MECCA is Australia's home of beauty and has such an incredible repertoire of brands, so being showcased alongside them is such a feat on its own.

Then with the MECCA launch, we completely sold out on the platform within 8 hours. MECCA housed the entire range of Bangn Body and it was beyond what I could have imagined. We are still a young brand, only 14 months in, so numbers this big were so thrilling and such a rewarding feeling. 

Where else would you love to see the brand being sold in Australia and/or abroad?

I would love the brand to be more accessible to our customers from an in-store perspective, which we hope to roll out our current retailers.

I would also love to be in an iconic major retailer in every country to allow accessibility to all our customers globally. 

Bangn Body has grown quite the cult following with beauty journalists, influencers and Aussie consumers alike, have you been surprised by the reaction at all?

We have been surprised and absolutely humbled by the cult following and positivity around Bangn Body. It has been so wonderful to see so many people enjoying the products and reaping the benefits of them!

The loyal following started when people experienced the benefits of our yellow tube of goodness which I take great pride in. 

What do you think it is that's resonated so well with your loyal following?

I worked super hard to cultivate a product that had great benefits. I struggled with breakouts throughout my twenties and found that a complicated skincare regime just added to the issue. That is where Bangn Body's simplicity came in.

I think that a lot of people experience the same thing and find the brand refreshing. At Bangn Body we strive for authenticity, and I think that resonates with our loyal following and trust from our consumers. 

Who's your dream Bangn Body celebrity client you'd love to see use the products?

Good question, we love Desi Perkins and Hailey Bieber and hope one day they can also try our tubes of goodness.

Can you share any secrets of what's next for the brand (apart from world domination)?

We are always creating, developing and formulating in the background, as all our new products go through an intense one year process to ensure concept to formula is perfect.

Our next products are what our customers have been asking us for, stay tuned!

Check out Bangn Body, here.

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