The new brand initiative helping to eliminate beauty waste

In a bid to reduce its environmental impact, Australian skincare brand, Biologi, has announced its new Biologi Bottle Swap initiative.

The program gives customers the ability to return their empty Biologi bottles for recycling, and rewards them for doing so with a 15 per cent discount on their next order. As beauty product plastics can’t go in curbside recycling bins, the program eliminates the idea of waste and offers countless environmental benefits.

Biologi products are created using a plant-to-bottle process using locally-sourced fruits and quite literally putting them in the bottles, however the brand has continually searched for a more environmentally-friendly alternative to its packaging.

Given the nature of its serums, Biologi were limited to the current plastic offering which is crucial for its serums to contain activity in the bottle (with the exception of the Br Rosehip Oil that is housed in a glass bottle). This new program means it can continue to deliver customers 100 per cent active serums, while also contributing to a reduction of waste. 

Biologi and its customers will minimise beauty packaging ending up as litter, in landfill or in an incineration facility.

Instead, new materials and products will be made with the collected bottles, reducing the need to extract new materials from the planet. This avoided impact is not small; for an average product over 90 per cent of the environmental impact comes from extracting and refining the raw materials from which it is made.

Given the current situation surrounding COVID-19, Biologi will still accept recycling via post, however, to protect its team, it will not process any recycling for up to two weeks after it has been received. 

To take part in the Biologi Bottle Swap program, customers will need to:

STEP 1: Return empty Biologi Serum bottles (except Biologi Br) by attaching the perforated address slip to their original Biologi postage envelope. 

STEP 2: Remember to write their email address on the front so Biologj knows where to send the discount coupon.

STEP 3: Attach the slip to their satchel and take it to the post office (not postage paid).

STEP 3: Once Biologi has received the bottles it will send a 15 per cent off coupon code for the customer to use for their next purchase on the store. 

Please note: Customers can send back all Biologi bottles except from Br Organic Rosehip Oil. Biologi will not discount for bottles from other brands. Customers must write a valid email address on the back to receive their discount. Discount is valid for one purchase only. Return postage is not covered by Biologi. Codes are valid for three months from creation date.