Meet Ahhh, the brand making sustainability fun

Did you know that a whopping 352 thousand tonnes of packaging goes into New Zealand landfills each year? It’s a confronting statistic but one that has fuelled Sophie Cooper to create her own sustainable beauty brand called Ahhh.

With packaging being such a significant contributor to waste, Sophie, who previously worked as a florist for over 10 years, felt compelled to create a range of bath and body products that were both eco-friendly and fun.

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“I love creating beautiful things and wanted to create a range of beauty products that wasn't just good for you and the planet but also fun and exciting!” she explains. “To me, Ahhh is the sound a busy mum makes after a hard day at work or looking after her kids as she gets into the bath or shower for a little me time. Ahhh is a deep exhale, and I hope that's the feeling our customers get when they use our products."

Handcrafted in New Zealand using only natural and organic ingredients, their colourful products are free from hard detergents, parabens, SLS and suphates, which can be harmful for not only our bodies but our waterways too.

Sustainability is at the forefront of Ahhh’s ethos with minimal packaging used. Sophie explains the reason for this: “As my children started getting older, I started thinking more and more about what we are teaching them with regard to looking after our planet and what state it may be in for future generations if things didn't start to change.”

The solid form of Ahhh’s products allows you to use less water while still reaping the benefits of the nourishing formulas. Coconut oil, which is renowned for being full of antioxidants, is their star ingredient, used to firm, hydrate and deeply cleanse the skin.

Ahhh has recently launched into over 40 New World stores.

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