Why TikTok is having a huge beauty moment

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has had a severe impact on many lives and businesses over the past few weeks.

However, in this new world of social distancing, it seems that one platform – TikTok – is performing better than ever among brands and influencers.

In fact, according to influencer marketing agency, Obviously, TikTok engagement increased a whooping 27% from February to March – based on data gathered from the agency’s own influencer campaigns. As a result, more and more companies are starting to work with influencer partners in an effort to generate more content and keep users engaged and entertained while they’re stuck at home.

“Being at home and not having to run around like we normally do has allowed for people to learn the platform,” Traackr svp of data partnerships, Chris Damsen said, with Blended Strategy Group co-founder and president, Sherry Jhawar, adding, “That has been a barrier for certain content creators up until now, that TikTok is new and feels complicated. But now content creators say they have time to learn it and are putting content out there.”

It is also suspected that brands are gravitating towards TikTok at a time when Instagram is becoming increasingly saturated with sponsored content, and also as a means to reach a younger, Gen Z demographic – who are widely known to consume content in new and innovative ways.

Many beauty brands have already flocked to TikTok, with Fenty Beauty recently announcing an entire house dedicated to creating TikTok content. Located in Los Angeles, the house utilises a rotating roster of residents as part of its game-changing strategy.

In a statement, a TikTok spokesperson called the house “an innovative opportunity for the TikTok community because it promotes inclusivity and highlights diversity in beauty and lifestyle.” The creators (who were selected by Fenty) include @emmycombss, @makayladid, @challxn and @thedawndishsoap.

Although it’s not the first beauty brand on the platform, Fenty is the first to create an entire house dedicated to TikTok. Other brands such as Sephora, NARS Cosmetics, E.l.f. Cosmetics, and Urban Skin RX are among some of the other brands experimenting with the online video destination.