The future of beauty: Pinterest announces inclusive updates

With millions of people using the site for beauty inspiration each month, Pinterest is one of the biggest beauty platforms in the world. 

As Pinterest becomes more shoppable with a growing set of diverse content, the company has announced new updates, delivering beauty content that is inclusive, relevant and personalised. 

First up, Pinterest’s inclusive beauty results filter is now available in additional countries, including Australia, the U.K., Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand.

The feature has also been refreshed so that users can easily filter beauty-related results by skin tone right from the search results page.

In addition, the quality of the technology has also improved and the number of beauty and fashion Pins where a skin tone can be identified has quadrupled. Pinterest’s skin tone signal is now 3x as likely to detect multiple skin tone ranges in top search results. 

“Pinterest is the home of inspiration, but it’s hard to be inspired if you don’t feel represented," said Pinterest product manager, Annie Ta.

"We’re making each person’s Pinterest experience more relevant to them through new technology and ways to control the beauty results they see. With these updates, Pinterest is becoming a more inclusive place to discover and shop for beauty ideas."

Secondly, Pinterest’s virtual lipstick makeup filter, Try On, is expanding to include over 10,000 shoppable, in-stock shades, discoverable across 48 million beauty Pins.

Unlike other AR technologies, Try On doesn’t smooth skin or have image altering effects that make people look less like themselves – it’s actual (not augmented) reality. 

Try On is currently available in the U.S., and will be launching in Australia and the U.K. in the coming months.  

"No one should have to work extra hard to uncover personalised ideas, and all should feel welcome. A more diverse Pinterest is a more useful, positive and powerful one," said Ta.