Steph Shep's new role in beauty

Earlier this year, BD reported that Biossance’s YouTube series, The Clean Academy, was coming back for a second season after its mega-successful first run.

And now, the brand is pleased to announce the clean beauty educational series has launched its third season in partnership with Environmental Working Group's (EWG) strategic advisor and FutureEarth co-founder, Stephanie Shepherd (aka Steph Shep).

According to Biossance’s announcement on YouTube, the series will take a deep dive on the product lifecycle with the help of Shepherd, breaking down complex topics within the clean beauty space and beyond with industry experts, while sharing actionable ways to be more sustainable.

As per the last two seasons, it will also be dedicated to providing consumers with the highest-quality education when it comes to clean, effective beauty. This way, Biossace believes everyone can feel empowered to make better choices for themselves and the planet. The brand also believes that together, everyone can define a new clean beauty standard.

Shepherd also shared her excited on Instagram, posting: “I’m so excited to be hosting the next season of @Biossance’s Clean Academy series on YouTube. I get to sit down with experts in the fields of science and innovation, recycling, packaging, ingredients testing and sourcing.

And the one common theme that I found through each of my conversations was that we as consumers have so much power to demand that our products are clean and safe for our bodies and for our planet!"

The Clean Academy season three is already live. Click here to check it out.