Pinterest debuts new virtual makeup feature

Pinterest has launched a virtual makeup feature that allows users to 'Try On' products starting with lipstick from brands like Estee Lauder, Sephora, bareMinerals, Neutrogena, NYX Professional Makeup, YSL, Beaute, Lancome and Urban Decay from L’Oreal.

The new feature boasts of no skin-smoothing or image-altering features, so as to give Pinners an accurate depiction of what the lipstick looks like on their ‘real’ skin. Additionally, the virtual try-on has also been integrated with Pinterest’s existing skin tone range feature, ‘so users can shop for similar lip shades on skin tones that match their own’ as explained by TechCrunch.

"With Try On, you won’t find skin-smoothing or image-altering effects that make you look less like you (as you might see on some other AR technologies),” said Pinterest. “We believe in celebrating you, and so our AR won’t be augmenting your reality, but rather helping you to make happy and real purchases for your life."

While sites like Instagram and Youtube are popular destinations for all things makeup and beauty related, Pinterest is quickly becoming a go-to for shoppers and the beauty-obsessed with more than 52 million people reported to search and engage with beauty content on the platform monthly in the US.

To use Try On for lipstick, users simply need to open Pinterest’s smart camera, click “Try on” to find different shades and swipe up to shop from the participating brands. It is currently only available in the US on iOS and Android mobile, with a promise of more Try On categories to come.