MAXMEDIALAB takes beauty events digital

MAXMEDIALAB has announced the launch of its MAXINSTITUTE exclusive Webinar Series, a virtual platform connecting beauty clients with press and influencers through premium digital activations. 

The new Webinar Series offers brands a cost-effective solution to host quality beauty events. Customised to each brand’s individual requirements, the bespoke package will include: publicity and guest list management, a creative send out for press and influencers to experience the brand in the comfort of their home, studio space and styling, film equipment, lighting, branding, professional beauty models upon request, and even access to the country’s leading beauty hosts at a reduced rate. 

“The MAXINSTITUTE exclusive Webinar Series is designed to support our clients and the wider beauty community by efficiently communicating with press and influencers at this challenging time," said MAXMEDIALAB and MAXCONNECTORS CEO, Lynette Phillips.

"At MAXMEDIALAB, it’s important that we’re always at the forefront of market and industry changes. This is why we’re working fast to adapt and provide a platform for virtual beauty events, as a cost-effective solution for brands to continue to share their message.” 

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