Mamamia announces new beauty focus for 2021

It looks like 2021 is going to be a big year for Mamamia, as the women’s media company announced it will be expanding its beauty vertical.

The new focus will include the ‘You Beauty Collective’ - a group of 15 beauty writers and contributors, a ‘You Beau-torial’ social video series, extra episodes of the ‘You Beauty’ podcast, and a ‘You Beauty School’ virtual live event, as reported by Mumbrella.

"What women are actually talking about’ is the Mamamia brand’s promise to all women, with its talented line-up of candid female voices, and it’s what takes Mamamia’s audience connection to another level,"  co-founder and chief creative office, Mia Freedman said in a statement.

"Whatever the medium, whatever the subject – with unique permission to cover all aspects of women’s lives – it translates to outstanding effectiveness for brands.

"Well-trusted women’s voices, representing a well-trusted local media brand, offer brands a premium efficacy."

As well as the above, Freedman also announced two new podcast offerings, at its 2021 upfronts presentation. 

'When I Eat When’, a food podcast hosted by Silvia Colloca will launch in time for summer, and ‘The Undone’, a podcast tapping into the Gen Z market, will be dropping on November 19, created by junior Mamamia employees and housemates, Emily Vernem and Lucy Neville.