Estée Lauder unveils new skincare platform

Estée Lauder has launched a brand new platform that builds on its heritage and expertise in night time skincare regimens.

Called “The Night Is Yours,” the new platform is integrated into Estée Lauder’s website and focuses on education and interaction, with features such as “did you know” beauty clips and beauty tips.

“It’s a very new approach, a new philosophy,” Estée Lauder global brand president, Stephane de La Faverie, told WWD. “It elevates the communication between consumers and the brand in a much more emotional and one-to-one way.”

Users are also able to access two different areas according to their habits: Staying In and Going Out. These categories both showcase dedicated and personalised regimens, advice and products depending on consumers’ needs.

“The idea of education is critical for us, we want to educate consumers for their own benefit,” he said, adding that consumers are, “more savvy than ever and want to discover new things about the products and communication before they are really engaged with a brand.”

The launch coincided with the 24th World Congress of Dermatology in Milan, and it is complemented by the documentary, “Nightbirds” – a short movie that helps educate people on the "restorative power of the night."