CNN Style launches first-of-its-kind beauty section

CNN Style has recently launched a new beauty section, but according to WWD, readers should not expect to find the usual beauty content they are accustomed to.

In fact, the launch makes the new section – aptly named Beauty – the first global mainstream platform to deliver intelligent, value-driven and inclusive editorial on beauty and personal image.

“The way that we’re approaching beauty is a little bit different to what you might expect,” CNN Style global editor, Fiona Sinclair Scott, said. “While I love those types of sections and I use them myself as a user of beauty products, I didn’t feel like this was necessarily the right way to go when launching beauty on CNN Style.”

Instead, the feature focused section dives into why certain beauty trends develop, and what they tell us about society. It also offers a unique, modern take on visual identity and aesthetics around the world, with coverage focusing on expanding the definition of beauty by celebrating self-expression, creativity and individualism.

“Our coverage will of course touch on the latest beauty trends, but our emphasis won’t be on providing guides to how to look a certain way. Instead, we’ll focus on why certain trends develop in the first place,” Sinclair Scott added. “How we see ourselves, and how we choose to alter and style our image can tell a fascinating story about who we are.”

The recent launch featured Chinese American photographer Andrew Kung’s thoughts on the desexualisation of Asian American men, while writer, activist and artist, Alok Vaid Menon also published a piece about their own experience of beauty as a visibly gender-nonconforming person. Now, the section also hosts articles surrounding feminism, makeup and technology – with much more to come.

Beauty can be found alongside CNN Style’s existing sections – Arts, Design, Fashion, Architecture and Luxury.