9 trends taking Instagram by storm

Now that we’re officially midway through the year, it’s the perfect time to take a look at the biggest Instagram trends of 2019 so far. With so many new features popping up on the platform, it’s worth keeping on top of the most trending content. Later.com has identified 9 of the most popular trends right now to help keep businesses up to speed.

#1 Authentic content

Amidst perfectly curated feeds, the need for authenticity on social media is at an all-time high. The trend for more authentic content has been rising steadily in recent times. Forget expertly staged shots – the more natural, honest and unfiltered your content is the more people are likely to respond to it and form a deeper connection with your brand. Although cohesive content is still one of the best ways to get more followers and engagement, less orchestrated photos can often outperform the high-quality photography on your feed, according to Later.

#2 IGTV is growing

Instagram’s video-sharing platform IGTV is reportedly thriving, due to improvements being made to the feature. Now, users can cross-promote their IGTV videos on their feeds and share both landscape and horizontal videos, making the tool more accessible than ever. Influencers are utilising this feature more and more, and are even incorporating sponsorships into their video content. Brands are starting to experiment with IGTV however we haven’t seen the full extent of this just yet, meaning it’s a great time to jump on the bandwagon.

#3 Animated Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories never used to be so polished, but this feature is rapidly catching up with the quality of our Instagram feeds. Later contends that including fancy graphics in your Instagram Stories are more attention-grabbing and likely to make users stop and engage. Thankfully, it isn’t actually that time-consuming or expensive to produce animated Stories – there are plenty of user-friendly apps that make it easy. Some of the mobile apps Later has identified for creating high-quality Instagram Stories are Mojo, Life Lapse and Over.

#4 Augmented reality is rising

Augmented reality effects are being used more in the beauty world, as well as on Instagram. The trend for AR is only expected to get bigger in coming years and has a lot of potential to grow. Kylie Cosmetics is one brand that has been an early adopter of AR on Instagram. When you select Kylie Cosmetics’ AR effect on Instagram Stories, you are able to “try on” different shades of lipstick before making a purchase.

An augmented reality platform is being launched soon by Facebook, called Spark AR Studio, to Instagram. Soon, all Instagram users will be able to create and share filters using Spark AR Studio, but right now it is in its beta phase.

#5 Designed feeds

Stickers aren’t just reserved for Stories anymore – users are incorporating them in their feeds too. This is a great way to make your photos look more unique and personalised, as well as making your feed look more cohesive. Think flowing lines, flowers, hand-drawn doodles, brush strokes – the list goes on.

Additionally, collages are another way influencers in particular are designing their Instagram feeds. What started as a trend on Instagram Stories has gradually made its way to our feeds. Influencers in particular are creating collages to showcase various photos at once – once again creating a personal touch. Last year, an app called Unfold made this trend explode, making it easier to get in on the collage craze.

#6 Shoppable posts

With users now able to shop for products right from the app, brands are using this as a way to incorporate sales opportunities according to Later. Recently, Instagram made it possible for influencers and creators to use this feature, so their followers are able to shop directly from their photos.

#7 Raising awareness for important issues

Using Instagram as a platform for raising awareness is becoming more popular. A prime example Later notes is Pride Month, with hundreds of business changing their logos to show support. With Instagram adding a donation sticker to Instagram Stories, it makes it easier than ever for brands (as well as celebrities and influencers) to promote and raise proceeds for different causes.

#8 Viral tweets

Another trend to arise on Instagram this year is the sharing of viral tweets on Instagram. While meme accounts have been doing this for years, increasingly brands are jumping on the trend in order to further connect to their audience.

#9 Colour blocking goes a step further

The colour blocking trend – a series of similarly toned images posted next to each other – has been big on Instagram for a while now, but “micro-colour blocking” is the next big thing you need to know. Shown in the example below, this effect takes time and energy but is extremely eye-catching.