La Mer’s Blue Heart and World Oceans Day

La Mer's  is one of the most well-regarded skin creams in the world, thanks to its unique use of sea kelp, eco-friendly processing and above all, the astonishing results the cream yields. To celebrate World Oceans Day on Jun 8, the skincare brand will release a very special version of their famous moisturising cream;  the Limited Edition Crème de la Mer 100ml ($660) will look just as good in your collection as it will feel on your face and conscience.
La Mer has been committed to supporting the protection of ocean habitats. In 2014, La Mer established Blue Heart, a philanthropic global effort to celebrate the ocean and share a deeper understanding of how essential it is to our own lives. Dr. Max Huber, creator of the legendary Crème de la Mer, developed a deep appreciation for the beauty of the sea. Today, in a tribute to his legacy, La Mer continues to help support the natural habitat by only using sea kelp that has been sustainably hand harvested.

This year, the brand continues its partnership with National Geographic Society to help support the next generation of ocean explorers. Through this partnership, National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Dr. Sylvia Earle will share her ocean inspiration and expertise through a cinematic short film. Explorer, pioneer and visionary, Dr. Earle reminds us that the ocean has the power to both enchant us and change our lives.
To further celebrate the ocean as a source of inspiration, La Mer invites consumers to share their own personal story and connection to the sea through the #LaMerBlueHeart campaign. “We’ve all been touched by the ocean in some way and each of us has an inspiring story to share with the world,” said Sandra Main, Global Brand President of La Mer. “La Mer hopes that sharing these stories will raise awareness and educate consumer on the importance of healthy ocean habitats.”
Product available at La Mer counters and online at from June 2016