The best hair tools and accessories for any occasion

Most people would agree that hair tools and accessories have the ability to make or break a look. But with so many wonderful options currently on the market, it can be tricky finding that perfect match.

Below, BD has rounded up some of the best hair tools and accssories for any occasion.

Lady Jayne Luxe Scrunchies
Lady Jayne Luxe Scrunchies are hair scrunchies made from luxurious silk. They are available in a delicate lavender, peachy pink and galaxy black, to add a pop of colour and texture to any look. 

Scunci Snap Clip Click and Grip Large 4pk
This pack of double snap design clips hold hair more securely. As well as enhanced grip and being able to hold more hair, these large clips are fashionable, thanks to a brushed metallic look in four different colours.

Krest Professional 3000 Teasing Hair Comb - Black
Krest Professional 3000 Teasing Hair Comb is a comb that provides teasing and lifting for backcombing. It adds volume with the matched teeth, offering smooth, snag-free combing.

TONI&GUY Acrylic Clip Tortoise Shell
TONI&GUY Acrylic Clip Tortoise Shell is a pack of two hair clips. They are the perfect side clip for any occasion, event or for simply adding an element of glam to everyday styles while holding hair effortlessly in place.

ghd detangling comb
ghd detangling comb tackles all hair types and lengths to smooth out knots and static.

Mia Bun Ease Medium Hair Donut
This Hair Donut helps create quick and easy bun styles for all hair types and lengths. Simply unroll Bun Ease, then tuck and roll hair.

Rock & Ruddle Boar Bristle Vintage Brush - Large
This strong, resilient paddle brush is inspired by the vintage era. It is made with natural boar bristles, which act as a conditioning treatment for the hair. The bristles are also made up of microscopic scales that release and drag the natural sebum down the shaft of the hair.

Premium Pin Company 999 Bobby Pins 1 ½” Black
Premium Pin Company 999 Bobby Pins 1 ½” Black are strong bobby pins designed with a long-lasting spring, delivering a secure, firm grip. They are ideal for securing upstyles.

WetBrush 2 in 1 Treatment Detangler
WetBrush 2 in 1 Treatment Detangler is a multi-benefit brush, which detangles while delivering leave-in liquid conditioners directly to the strands.

Mason Pearson Comb Dress
This dual-width comb is designed to remove knots and tangles from wet hair after washing. The teeth of the comb are thicker than normal combs, so they will grip and groom wet hair without damaging the hair or scalp.