Organic and natural beauty market higher than ever

A new report from the Soil Association Certification (a wholly owned subsidiary of the Soil Association – the UK's leading food and farming charity and organic certification body), has found that conscious consumerism has elevated the organic and natural beauty market to an all-time high.

According to the report, the sales of certified organic and natural beauty products reached £86.5m in 2018, with a 14 per cent growth in sales.

Fuelled by sustainable shoppers, the report said that consumers are increasingly seeking products with a better guarantee of sustainability, ethical assurances and holistic awareness. Certification is also important to them – with 65 per cent of shoppers now expecting brands to share ingredient sourcing.

“Conscious consumers are seeking sustainable beauty products that promote a holistic sense of wellbeing while also upholding their ethical and environmental values,” Soil Association Certification business development manager for beauty & wellbeing, Georgia Barnes, said.

“Organic and natural beauty certification delivers these values by working with nature and provides a stamp of trust that combats greenwashing and plays a central role in the movement towards a more responsible industry.”

Beauty products in Europe that are certified with the Soil Association COSMOS standard doubled to more than 10,000 products over 794 brands in 2018, resulting in eight consecutive years of growth for the sector.