Mario Dedivanovic unveils truly unique makeup line

Celebrity makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, has finally debuted his highly anticipated (and three years in the making) cosmetics brand, Makeup by Mario.

Dedivanovic, who is known for his iconic work with Kim Kardashian West, Gabrielle Union, Kate Bosworth and more, got his start in the beauty industry when he scored a role at Sephora as a teenager. And now, he is celebrating 20 years as a professional makeup artist, coming full circle with the launch of Makeup By Mario in Sephora on October 1st.

"I decided I wanted to do makeup in my little 17-year-old mind,” Dedivanovic told PEOPLE. “Sephora is where my dream began. It's where I would manifest and dream that I would do something significant and make my mother proud. So just the thought of that when I walk into there and I'm going to see I'm on the gondolas it's just... I just can't believe it.”

For the brand’s initial launch, the makeup artist wanted to start with eye products, including the likes of palettes, primers, liners, brushes and highlighters, as this is how he personally always begins the makeup application process.

The eyeshadows have been created so they’re easy-to-use for makeup artists and novices alike. Dedivanovic wanted the most universal and inclusive combination of shades possible, so he separated each compact palette by texture – Master Matte, Master Metallic and Master Metals – and created shades inspired by the human body. In fact, chemists were instructed to colour match the body’s arteries and organs.

"Each one of these colours is after something inside of our bodies," Dedivanovic told Allure, showing off some anatomy visuals over Zoom, adding that some were ‘too gross’ to share. “You just can't get more universal than colours Mother Nature's made within us. Every shade looks beautiful on every skin colour."

And if you needed any more validation of the quality of these new products, the makeup guru says he has secretly tested some of them on his celebrity clients over the past three years.

In addition to eyeshadows, Dedivanovic will be debuting other eye essentials he’s used on clients, keeping in mind that he doesn’t want ‘anything gimmicky’ in his brand.