Jen Atkin's next move

Jen Atkin has revealed the latest chapter in the expansion of her beauty brand, Ouai, with the introduction of two body products.

The new body cleanser and body crème retail for US$28 and US$38 respectively and bring the brand's overall product count to 40. While Atkin has previously released a number of hair and body hybrids, the duo officially marks her growth into a new category.

“I would have never imagined that we’d be in body in year three,” Atkin told WWD.

“What’s exciting is, even outside of our brand, everyone’s coloring outside of the lines,” continued Atkin. “You’re not stuck with those boundaries. Although we started out as a hair-care brand, it’s been fun for us to have success in other categories. It’s given us the confidence to venture out.”

For the Ouai body cleanser, Atkin has developed a floral scent that blends citrus fruits with apricot, rose, magnolia, muguet, violet, amber, linden blossom and musk, that she's called Dean Street. The body crème’s scent, Shibuya, has notes of Mediterranean citrus, warm spices, rose, violet and white musk.

It's thought both scents will eventually make their way into the brand's fragrance line which has been a roaring success. On announcing that Ouai would bring back the scents Melrose Place and North Bondi on a permanent basis, a 20,000 person waitlist ensued.

In her interview with WWD, Atkin hinted she would like to turn Ouai into a fully-fledged lifestyle brand.

“I love the idea of the brand being in different parts of the house, expanding outside of the bathroom,” she said. “At the end of the day, the brand’s whole ethos is about helping make your life easier. We’ve always been that from Day One".